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E-Commerce Website & Checkout

E-Commerce Website that improves product visibility and brand recognition.

Shisha-World is Europe's leading vendor for shishas. The goal was to design a mobile optimized online store that showcases more products on smaller screens and improve the mobile experience. Providing an easy way to favourite products, buy and use coupons. Help the user to find the product they are looking for faster by designing a visually guiding search recommendation and filter system.

Helping the user understand legal constraints

A variety of products, such as tobacco, succumb to legal requirements to prevent sales to minors, prevent international shipping and prevent shipping to carrier post stations, i.e. Amazon lockers. However, the product listing is visible to all audiences. Therefore, we needed to find smart ways to keep the potential customer engaged and give notice at the right spots that those products are either not eligible to ship to their country or ID verification will be required.

Let the customer shop without interruptions

Throughout the shopping process, starting at the listing + 18 labels and warning close to the buy button display the requirements for the purchase. Despite their location and age, the customer could complete its shopping until the last step of the checkout process. Customers who hold products in their basket that are not eligible are promoted to either remove them or change the shipping location. Customers who completed the checkout process up to confirmation tend to rather remove the problematic product than abort the entire order.

E-Commerce on fire

An easy-to-use mobile and desktop interface that focuses on visual guidance through large images, easy to click elements. A frisky look that represents the brand and their audience. A step by step guiding checkout that reveals upon input and set out to reduce cognitive load and possibly human error.


Development Planning: Alexander Wolf - 8mylez Agency

Conversion Optimization Consulting:  Fabian Gmeindl - Drip Agency

UX & UI Design: Just me

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