UX & UI Design
Web3 Survey Plattform dApp

Build a decentralized App that enables users to own and earn from their data

Datalatte is a group of international data scientists, researchers, and engineers committed to addressing global inequality by placing data sovereignty and human dignity at their heart.

In this design, we focused on creating a mobile first platform on which anybody can complete surveys, monetize their consumer app data and get insights from their own data in a playful manner. With instant payment in a cryptocurrency after survey completion, fully transparent on the blockchain. Frictionless permissionless.

3 Clicks to start survey, Sybil attack resistant and fun.

Creating an enjoyable and professional experience that conveys the abstract idea of earning money with your personal data.

With just a few clicks, anyone owning a crypto wallet should be able to complete a survey, learn how to enable payouts by minting an NFT through providing consumer app data. At the same time, being fully transparent in every step of the way.

Reputation-based functionality unlocking

The user has to build up a reputation to unlock payouts and data monetization. Reputation can only be built by minting a data NFT first to store your reputation XPs. To avoid exploitation and Sybil attacks, the user has to connect consumer app data pipeline as proof of uniqueness. The user can explore the core functionality and can build trust with the platform before deciding to connect or upload data. However, their data will automatically deleted after 48 hours if they don’t connect a social account. Additionally, to build trust to the user, it is important to create an easy to consume interface that shows each detail on blockchain fully transparent.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Max on the UX/UI design of our dApp, and I must say, his attention to detail was truly impressive. He took the time to understand our users' needs and behaviour, and his designs reflected perfectly the vision we had for our platform. Their ability to balance aesthetics with functionality resulted in a seamless and intuitive user experience that received excellent feedback from our community. Max is a true asset to our team, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Dr. Amir Mabhout
Founder, CEO

Web3 based survey platform

In this first version, we designed a mobile first application that enables users, within four clicks, to connect with the Datalatte app. They can complete surveys, mint a dataBarista NFT and get paid. We overcome the challenge of creating a mobile-friendly way of conducting scientific surveys without preconditioning the user. Later on, we also created a desktop variant too. The process of minting an NFT has been made easier and less error-prone as a previous variant. Building a reputation has been simplified through eliminating extra steps to soul bound reputation in form of XPs to the user's data NFT.


Development: Amir Farzin & his amazing Team

Process Development: Amir Mabhout

Psychometric Advisor: Koba

UX Design: Amir Mabhout, Koba and I

UI Design: Just me

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