Hi, I am Max a

Product manager

& Web Developer

Located in Germany & Portugal
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You need a website or app

You need a personalized digital experience that represents your brand and values.

Paying attention to the detail will make the difference between a visit and a sale.

I create designs that connect visually with your customers, provide a meaningful and engaging user experience, and are focused on your business goals.

my latest work


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Web3 Survey Plattform dApp
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E-Commerce Website & Checkout
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Let’s get to know each other


Design choices make or break a conversion

With over six years of experience in e-commerce, I have honed my skills in user experience design, and project management. Throughout my career, I have successfully managed the relaunch and growth of multiple e-commerce websites, where I increased the conversion rate through constant UX and feature improvements. Across my career, I always had a strong focus on design. I created multiple prototypes for webshops and apps, all with a strong focus on delivering an exceptional user experience.

I'll design human centred experiences

Human centred design focuses on natural behavioural patterns to reduce cognitive load by using natural mapping. It’s a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. It’s all about building a deep empathy with the people ultimately using the product.

3 things to know about me

What I like

Most of my spare time I spend in the ocean surfing or creating short films to develop my creativity and exercise my skill of conveying ideas.

My second most boring hobby after surfing is programming little applications in python that make my or my friend's life easier.

I am from Munich, Germany, living in Portugal. It's more a fact I know. I like it, though.


I can help you with ...

UX Design

Design and improve your product

My objective is to create the best solution for your business to meet your customers' needs. Aesthetically designed websites or apps with meaningful customer experiences are paramount.

UX Design

Design and improve your landing pages

Your landing pages are lacking conversions? Let me help. I am experienced in creating landing pages that capture the visitor's attention and also drive results.


Build a tailored and responsive website

I have experience of building custom websites in WordPress and Webflow. This website is built in Webflow.

Product Management

Build a custom online shop

You want to run an online shop or are already running one and want to optimize it but don’t know how or lacking resources. I can help you to make a better decision, create your project plan and also coordinate tasks with your team.

Product Management

Planning and Integrating new features

If you are running a Shopware or Shopify Webshop and you would like to integrate a new feature or third-party tool like Helium 10, Fact Finder or PIM systems, I can help you from planning to integration.